Build Collection

Ultimate Lotologist

The Build Collection module of Ultimate Lotologist is a very specially developed module. It will assist you in building a Lottery Instant collection at a vastly accelerated rate. You are able to grow your collection with items from all over the world, enhancing your interest and collection many times over.

The Secret or 'Hidden Sauce', is that when the Lottery Instants are sent to you, they will not have been previously scratched off, leaving you to enjoy that and claim whatever they may reveal.

The Build Collection system first needs to be unlocked. To do this, you simply send an unscratched Lottery Instant to Qualified Members. The system simplifies the process for you by means of printing out all the necessary paperwork required. You then post to each of the Qualified Members the printed paperwork and your purchased Lottery Instant. The system will email them in advance, informing them of your actions and also add you to their checklist of new Members. Once they receive your letter, they will acknowledge you in the site. Once all Qualified Members have acknowledged you, you will become an Active Member and will be able share the opportunity yourself to anyone you wish.

The Promote and Earn module displays your very own promotional URL that you use to invite others to Ultimate Lotologist. When they see the how the Build Collection module works, they too will do as you did, only this time, you will become their Active Member and Lottery Instants will then be sent to YOU.

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